Saturday, October 01, 2011

Lunch @ Sushi Ga Ga (Japanese)

Location: London, China Town

You all probably already gathered that I am forever in love with all things Sushi. Seriously, this addiction is getting pretty serious..I am an addict and I really can't help it. Granted, Sushi Ga Ga isn't on my list of favourite Japanese restaurant, Toku will always remain a favourite of mine. However, I am open to try out variety of Japanese restaurants. Sushi Ga Ga is a great little place for a quick lunch time snack or a evening meal.

Chicken gyoza (Japanese dumplings), although a little soft, it had the flavours to gear up your taste buds for your main. Carried through with a hint of soy sauce makes this dish complete.   The chicken was cooked perfectly and the seasoning had a great balance of flavour. (Below) A selection of sushi is always great to share, especially if you have 2 or more parties with you. So in this case, it was no different. The tapas style of eating has always been a favourite of mine, just like the family style concept that I have lived by.. sharing is caring after all. The platter consist of a mixture of salmon & avocado rolls, grilled teriyaki eel rolls, crispy soft shell crab rolls. tempura prawn roll and spicy tuna roll. This dish was fit for a queen.

A relevantly small restaurant  in bustling China Town, Sushi Ga Ga serves up a good variety of sushi. Whether you are a raw fish enthusiast or prefer the cooked stuff, this restaurant is geared to all audiences whatever your specifications. You certainly won't be short of items to choose from. I highly recommend ordering a variety to share.. its the best way of enjoying the sushi experience. In my opinion, no sushi experience is complete without trying out their raw fish dishes. Would I go back to Sushi Ga Ga? Yes!

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catty said...

I thought Sushi Ga Ga was ok - if you like sushi you MUST go to Sushi of Shiori ( and try their canape sushi.. it's the best sushi I ever had in London. They are tiny though (seats 9 only) so make sure you book!

Paula @ Culinary Treats said...

Hi Catty, thank you for your recommendation, I will definitely check it out :)

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