Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dinner @ Bar Boulud (French)

Location: London, Knightsbridge - Mandarin Oriental Hotel

I have heard through the grapevine that Daniel Boulud serves up one hell of a meal. Well known for his soulful execution of the traditional french cuisine, and located in the heart of Knightsbridge, Daniel Boulud cooks up authentic french food in trendy and rich atmosphere of Mandarin Oriental Hotel. 

There is something about a good burger and fries, in whatever environment and on any occasions.. it will always filled the void, a hungry void that is. Having read so many great reviews on this particular dish, I was determined to dig in to the ultimate Piggie Burger (I love the name!). Inside you are spoiled with grilled beef patty with bbq pulled pork, bibb lettuce, green chili mayonnaise top with a cheddar bun and red cabbage slaw and accompanied by a crunch side of hand cooked chips/fries/frites. The burger was juicey, oh so tender and together it was a huge firework of flavours all rolled in to one. It was quite overwhelming. Note: you may need a few cocktails with this dish, I was kicking up a thirst after just a couple of bites. Mojitos are perfect. 

My boyfriend opted for the Pot Au Feu, which consisted of a very delicate, melted-in-your-mouth, terrine of braised beef, carrots, onion and gribiche sauce. A very delightful dish, again with some distinctive flavours. A little on the small side for me, but a great dish for a light supper. The beef was succulent, packed with flavour and everything literally fell a part, it was so soft. What was great about this dish was that little accompaniments (carrots and onions) balanced out and gave the dish a healthy kick. 

I couldn't help but feel a little out of this place at this establishment, the service was minimal and the atmosphere felt a bit 'cold'. However, putting that to a side, the food was great and we even got to see the chefs producing their magic from a distance, which was a great little incentive (I use that term loosely). Would I go back to Bar Boulud? Maybe in the near future, but not any time soon.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review and tempting pics! Have been looking forward to trying said Piggy Burger come my December visit to our capital.

ps. Daniel Boulud not David! ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your review and oh so tempting pics! Have been really looking forward to trying said Piggy Burger come my December visit to the capital!

ps. I think it is Daniel Boulud, not David as mentioned above! ;)

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