Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Afternoon Tea @ Beas of Bloomsbury (British)

Location: London, St Pauls @ One New Change

After almost a week of constant rain in London, the sun has finally come out of hibernation. So, to celebrate this momentous occasion, I met up with a friend for a girlie date of traditional afternoon tea at Beas of Bloomsbury located in One New Change, St Paul's. It was one of those days when my cravings got the better of me. I had a instant burst of the terrible sweet-tooth syndrome. How do you get over a craving? Easy! You don't .. you fulfil the craving. And so I did today. 

For £15pp, you get a selection of pastries and a vast options of tea. The sweet treats included: Red velvet cake, spongey marshmallows, banana cake, strawberry coated meringue, chocolate brownies and scones. And for tea, I opted for White Green Tea, which was absolutely delicious - I've never tried anything like it before.

After hearing and reading so many great reviews on this restaurant/cafe, I was eager to join the hype. It definitely did live up to its name. Beas of Bloomsbury is a great little establishment with adorable touches that they produce with their products (i.e - their very cute and very stylish sugar holder and reservation card holder). Simple touches is what made the experience worthwhile. Customer service is good, if not a little slow, however with their sweet treats being so delicious, you wouldn't notice the delay. The atmosphere is perfect for a few hours get away. It felt cosy and kind of reminded me of a boutique cafe.

A fab way to spend a sunny saturday, with a girlfriend, gossiping with a scrumptious red velvet cupcake in one hand and sipping on the most delicious tea on the other.

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