Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dinner @ Tokyo Diner (Japanese)

Location: London, China Town

People ask me what my style of comfort eating is, is yours chocolate they ask? No. Crisps? No. Or is it a juicy burger and greasy chips? No. Give me a plate of sushi and refillable green tea and I'm happy as larry. I'm not a huge fan of fast food, mainly because fast food and my skin aren't best of friends. So, what a better alternative to have than to have Sushi as my form of comforting eating. It is fresh, healthy and just so delicious.

Tokyo Diner, a little restaurant located in the heart of London's bustling China Town serves up the most delicious sushi in town. It is one of my favourite japanese restaurants in the city. The sushi is fresh, affordable, service is speedy and good, and the atmosphere makes you feel as though you are in Japan. 

The menu is full of wise words and handy tips for sushi newbies. However, the menu is also limited to only certain types of fish, excluding Tuna as they believe that Tuna is a on demand at high prices therefore causing this type of fish to be overfished. Despite that, Tokyo diner uses this to its advantage by executing the rest of the menu perfectly and most importantly making all their dishes fresh. 

Little touches to the service like providing their customers with free japanese snacks and unlimited refills of japanese green tea makes this restaurant jus that bit more special. The green tea is fresh and cleanses the palette and the japanese snacks are so addictive. 

Their fresh sashimi plater includes Salmon and Sea Bream. It was fresh and flavourful and it definitely goes perfect with a good amount of soy sauce and wasabi. That is how I always have it and it never fails to satisfy my taste buds. Yum. 

My main dish was a cold Udon noodles with a light broth like sauce for dipping. It was a hot sunny day, so I really needed something light and fresh and this was perfect. The Udon was perfectly cooked with a slight crunch to it. The light broth sauce was a little bland but by adding a little pitch of wasabi it gave the dish a hum of heat, which complimented the Udon perfectly.  

My boyfriend ordered this little cute dish of Tofu in a breadcrumbs on a bed of japanese rice with thick teriyaki-like sauce. I'm not too sure what the actual sauce it was, but it had a slight sweetest to it. I'm not a vegetarian but I could definitely live on Tofu for the rest of my life, especially the way that the japanese way of cooking it.. delicious and with lots of flavour. This dish was just that.. perfect in so many ways and it was cooked in a way that the tofu was dense in texture.. just the way we liked it.

For just under £30, you can get a starter to share, two main course and 2 drinks.. bargain or what?! A perfect little restaurant with meals that will get you wanting to fly to Japan, pronto! I am hoping one day my trip to Japan will happen and that I will consume food just like this. Amazing stuff.

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