Monday, September 19, 2011

Heavenly Treats @ Laudree, Covent Garden (French)

Location: London, Covent Garden

My new addiction! Not a day goes by that I crave for them. Beautiful, sweet, and a delightful treat whatever the occasion. If you have a sweet tooth and happen to be in London (or live in London), I highly recommend popping down to Covent Garden for the yummiest and most gorgeous looking and tasting Macaroons in town.

Laduree is located in the heart of Covent Garden Piazza (opposite the new Apple store), serving the cutest and most freshest Macaroons. Flavours ranging from Pistachio, Rose, Lemon, Chocolate Madagascar, Vanilla, etc, displayed elegantly, and regardless of what flavour you get, you most definitely be lured in by how colourful and tiny they are. I am obsessed with them and over the moon to have stumbled across this store. It is relevantly new in town, so be sure to pop by and treat yourself to some heavily Macaroons! You won't be disappointed.

Maracoon flavours that I chose: Vanilla x2, Pistacio, Chocolate Madagasca, Salted Caramel, Apple Lime, Rose, Cherry. 

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