Sunday, October 02, 2011

Dinner @ Maze Grill By Gordon Ramsay (British)

Location: London, Bond Street 

Some call him the monet of the culinary world, some call him an high tempured chef and you may even cast him as a 'celebrity' chef. Whatever it is, Gordon Ramsay will always be a chef that is known for his excellent executions of the most british of all british food and among other cuisines. And we all know he has a bit of a temper (big fan of Hells Kitchen). Maze Grill was my first time visiting a Gordon Ramsay establishment, although a little intermediated at first (as this was my first 'fine dinning' experience) it was a great experience that I will cherish in my culinary journey. 

Jumping straight to the mains, I opted for the fillet steak (rare) as it is always the cut I go for. To say it was orgasmic would be an understatement, wow... just wow! It is the softness and most tender fillet steak that I have ever had. A little strong on the seasoning, which made me opt out from using any sort of sauce or gravy. but the rich natural flavours was all I needed from this piece of meet. Accompanied by a side dish of honey glazed & parsley carrots and creamy mash potatoes, everything married together perfectly. The presentation of the steak was the highlight of the evening. The board that the steak was presented on was so beautiful as well as the placement of the cutleries (especially the knife). They say you eat with your eyes... you certainly do on this occasion. 

A great evening filled with beautifully cooked meat, cute presented side dishes and attentive staff. Would I go back to Gordon Ramsay's Maze Grill? Only if I am allowed to sit at the Chef's Table, then yes! 

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Tqa â„’ondon said...


Gourmet Chick said...

I highly recommend the chef's table!

Paula @ Culinary Treats said...

@ TQA - come to London and try it out!

@ Gourmet Chick - thank you, will definitely try it!

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